Sunday, May 10, 2009

Week#9 Thing#23

My thoughts on CSLA 2.0
I feel as though I have completed a marathon! Up and down the streets with twists and turns everywhere and unexpected difficulty and picking up some downhill speed. My favorite was setting up my blog and avatar. I have added her to my web page and the students love her! It's important for them to know that I'm keeping current on the technology and not getting old and stuffy, which unfortunately, is sometimes the first thought when you mention library and librarians. I know now that I CAN continue to update my technology skills - and those words, terms, and programs that sounded somewhat foreign when I began, are now at the very least familiar. I feel as though I have a working knowledge of the web 2.0, and even may be ahead of some of my students. And - the best part - many of these tools - like Google Reader and podcast subscriptions are going to help me to continue to be informed and updated on anything that I want. Talk about lifelong learning - you just can't help it. Now I just have to schedule time to read, read, read, all those entries.
I was surprised at how well many of these tools interact with each other - easily. I can incoporate You Tube and Library Thing into my Blog, and by doing that I know I will continue to use those tools. The whole signing up for the free tools and keeping track of user names and passwords is the worst part, uck! I tried to stay consistent, but wow, way too many. Other than that, I think the program is very good. It has a good variety of tools, all applicable to the library world and its easy to see where they can be applied to school and students. Some of the links are dead, so some updating might be necessary. I would indeed participate in another program if offered.
CSLA 2.0 - In one word: Inspiring.
Thank you to those who put in the time and hard work to create this tutorial - it was time well spent!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully completed School Library Learning 2.0. Welcome to the ever-growing CSLA 2.0 Team. Your blog has been added to the "Congratulations - completed" list.

    Now that you have completed this course, we hope you will encourage your classroom teachers to take the plunge with Classroom Learning 2.0. You can be their guide and cheer them along.

    Best wishes!